Red, White Or Sparkling?
Most people tend to be ‘red’ or ‘white’ drinkers, but why not make 2017 the year to ring in the changes…..

Because at Ripple Effect Gifts, we have wine to suit the most discerning of palates.

Red Wine – Shiraz
Shiraz grapes produce an elegant and peppery wine with a depth of taste to delight all winers and diners. Traditionally, Australian Shiraz is paired with strong red meat such as beef and kangaroo. This makes it a perfect accompaniment for your summer BBQ. Next time you fire up your BBQ, why not pair our Oneday Estate Shiraz with your sizzling ribs, snags and steaks. As a cooler climate grape, it will also complement lamb dishes and strong cheeses such as cheddars and blue cheese.

Red Wine – Pinot Noir
Wild Pinot Noir Wine
The name Pinot Noir originates from the French, meaning pine and black. The grapes develop into tightly grouped pine-cone shaped clusters of fruit. It is one of the more challenging wines to produce as these grapes are sensitive to environmental factors. We choose our wines carefully to ensure consistent quality and taste. We know our limited release Oneday Wild Pinot Noir will become a firm favourite for you with its aromatic and intense fruit flavours. It is well known for complementing pork, duck and salmon. But have you thought about serving it with hearty mushroom dishes?

White Wine – Riesling
Riesling has suffered from some bad press in recent years as it was associated with poor quality, sweet cask wine. Our Riesling is refreshingly dry with little residual sugar, therefore offering a fresh and citrusy experience for the palate. The mineral notes are sure to refresh and enchant. It is an ideal wine to serve with dishes with green flavours such as lime, jalapenos and olives. Because of its sturdy nature it can easily stand up to the strong flavours of Chinese cuisine. It is a real wine lovers wine.

Sparkling Wine – NV Brut
Sparkling wine

When looking to buy sparkling wine, ensure you are aware of the bead. This means the size and duration of the bubbles. The beads in our Oneday NV Brut are fine and therefore effortlessly preserve their effervescence. The beauty of our Brut is that it is ready to drink, we have done the maturing for you! So it is perfect to serve with salty foods and also cuts through the oiliness of food. Fried chicken and chips will be elevated to new heights if served with a glass or two of our NV Brut! Or you could take the conventional path and combine it with a plate of fresh oysters or sushi.

How To Serve Our Wines
We know that red wines should be served at room temperature, but did you know that means 12C – 18C?  Not many of us Aussies will cheerfully keep our houses at that temperature for the perfect glass of red! Pinot Noir is best served at 12 – 14 degrees whilst Shiraz is at its most drinkable between 16 and 18 degrees. And keeping your Riesling and Sparkling in the fridge for too long means the aromas and flavours are seriously reduced.  Sparkling wine benefits from being served at 6 – 8 degrees with Riesling producing its most aromatic flavours at 8 – 10 degrees. Remove your Riesling from the fridge 30 minutes before serving and your sparkling wine 5 – 10 minutes. And for your red? Place it in the fridge for 20 – 30 minutes before consumption.