Be. They The word ‘hamper’ derives from the old French word ‘hanepier’ which translates as ‘basket for goblets.’ The practice of carrying foodstuffs and other items in baskets dates back tens of thousands of years. Some contained more diverse cargo such as tools, blankets and even people. Moses was said to have been concealed in a wicker basket. This has made its way through to the modern day with the rise of the popular Moses basket for newborns.

First Peoples as hunter-gatherers used baskets and nets woven from willow and grasses. The baskets were used to transport their foraged foodstuff. For example, fruit, vegetables, nuts, berries and legumes. Some of the baskets made by Australian Aboriginals were so tightly woven, they could carry liquids and viscous materials such as honey.

William the Conqueror introduced the hamper to Britain in the mid 11th Century. As it took him approximately four and a half months to travel from Normandy to London, we can assume most of the goods would have been past their best-before date! Hunting was a popular pastime and supplemented the diet of the Royal Household with a variety of different meats.

One report from the time suggests that over a few days of Christmas indulgence, William and his entourage devoured 10,000 eels, 6,000 chickens, 1000 rabbits and 200 geese.

Even the peacocks weren’t safe from the King’s hungry gaze with over 50 of them becoming supper dishes for William and his guests. Etiquette was exacting and belching was strictly prohibited. One can only imagine the discomfort of the diners!

However, it was several centuries before the concept of hampers really caught on. The expansion of the railway system in the 19th Century allowed for the rapid movement of goods, including perishables. It soon became a traditional gift at Christmas time. Employers would provide their workers and servants with a gift hamper containing foodstuffs and even clothes. This was to ensure they were provided for during the Christmas period.

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