With the Easter Bunny only a hop, hop and a hop around the corner, our thoughts have increasingly been turning to the many chocolate goodies we provide at Ripple Effect Gifts.

We are delighted to work with Sweet Things by Caroline whose products are made with care and attention to detail. Only the finest quality Belgian chocolate is used; made with sustainably grown cocoa beans. What we also love about these beautiful chocolates is that they are homemade. Which reminded us of a true story of intrigue, deception and culinary espionage!

Names have been changed to protect identities!

A member of the Ripple Effect Gifts team –  Karen – belongs to a cookery club. She and the other members meet monthly to swap recipes and discuss food ideas. They take it in turns to meet at one another’s houses and whoever is hosting for that particular month provides light refreshments.

This arrangement has been working out very well for the last two years, and some deep and abiding friendships had been made. But recently a new member – Annette –  had started to create waves. To say the least. She made disparaging comments about the baking skills of other members. She also proved to be quite competitive and was quick to criticise the ideas of others.

A few weeks ago it was Annette’s first time to host the evening and she produced the most beautiful chocolate cupcakes. They were perfect. Moist, rich and with gorgeous chocolatey icing. And on top of the icing –  raspberry crumble with a whole raspberry nestled in to it. They even had a name – Double Chocolate Raspberry Swirls.

Apparently, these cupcakes were absolutely delicious and Annette enjoyed an evening of triumph, explaining that she had stayed up until the small hours to bake and ice them. Although Karen had previously been the recipient of Annette’s sharp comments, she sent her an email the next day to thank her for the evening and to tell her how tasty the Double Chocolate Raspberry Swirls were.

The reply from Annette was somewhat pompous, including several tips for how Karen could improve her own baking skills. Karen was not happy.

However, her mood improved markedly when she went into a bakery a few days later and there were the identical cupcakes! They were so identical Karen knew straight away that Annette had not baked her cakes, she had bought them!

What was Karen to do?

After a great deal of thought she emailed Annette and asked her for the recipe for the cupcakes. While she waited for her reply, she admitted to feeling her own sense of triumph as there was no way that Annette would be able to provide the recipe. Later that evening she received a reply from Annette explaining that the recipe was in German and she had had to ask her own mother in Germany to translate it over the phone as she made the cupcakes. Sadly, she couldn’t remember all the ingredients and processes, so she wouldn’t be able to share the recipe. Karen said she was astounded. She couldn’t believe that Annette would go to such lengths to cover up her deception.

So, the moral dilemma for Karen was………

Did she tell Annette that she knew she was a fraud?

Should she maybe drop hints so that Annette suspected she knew and squirmed in discomfort?

Should she denounce Annette at the next gathering, which was due to be held at Karen’s home?

Karen spent a great deal of time thinking about and planning what she would do. If indeed she should do anything. Karen dislikes deception and confrontation, but in the end, she said she felt compelled to do SOMETHING. But what was she going to do?

Fast forward two weeks to the cookery club gathering in Karen’s home. The first half of the evening had gone very smoothly and it was time to have the coffee and refreshment break. Karen went into the kitchen and emerged a few seconds later with a large plate of perfectly made Double Chocolate Raspberry Swirls. “These took me forever to make” said Karen as she slyly glanced sideways at Annette and saw her neck and face becoming slowly suffused with a dark, red blush of embarrassment and guilt!

It is said that revenge is a dish best served cold. But don’t forget to add the raspberry crumble.

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