Queen Elizabeth I was said to bath once a month whether she needed it or not. Compare this to Egyptian Royalty who bathed up to four times a day.

At Ripple Effect Gifts we  humbly suggest you choose somewhere between the two extremes!

Having a bath is not only soothing and relaxing, but research has found it boosts the immune system, reduces blood sugar levels and improves cardiovascular health. We are such devotees of the whole bathing experience we now offer our Bath Infusions which are exclusive to Ripple Effect Gifts.  Combining Himalayan Pink Salt, Epsom salts and essential oils, our Bath Infusions are the ideal way to enhance your bathtime.

Simply follow our guidance below for the perfect bath:

1/ First of all – turn your phone off!

2/ Lock the door! This is time that is for you, so knowing you won’t be disturbed is vital. If you have little ones in the house, make sure they are being adequately supervised so they don’t come knocking on the door!

3/ Place a bowl of very cold water next to the bath with a flannel. If you find you are getting too hot when you are in the bath. you can use this as a cold compress on your forehead to gently cool you down. Have some drinking water close by also.

4/ When the bath is half full, add Ripple Effect Gifts Essence of Harmony soft, floral Lavender bath infusion to ease aching muscles, decrease stress and promote restful sleep. Or to soothe the skin and restore balance and calm try the sweet, musky Rose Geranium Essence of Tranquility bath infusion.

5/ The ideal temperature of the water is 32 – 35 celsius for adults. Test the temperature of the water with your elbow or your wrist.

6/ Turn off any bright lights so your brain knows it is time to relax. Maybe light a few scented candles and place them safely around the edge of the bath. Have some relaxing music playing softly in the background. Now is not the time for Acca/Dacca.

7/ Ensure you have your best towels ready for when you step out of the bath.

8/ Use a small amount of the bath infusion on a sponge and gentle massage your body. This will distract your mind from everyday thoughts and  detoxify and soothe your skin, leaving it silky and smooth. Remember, caring for the skin isn’t just for women!

9/ Use a rolled up towel as a neck support and lie back in the warm, fragrant water. Place a thin slice of cucumber over each eye and give yourself permission to relax.

10/ After your bath continue your self care with a cup of herbal tea and a sneaky nana nap.




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