At last the Easter holidays are here.

The kids are off school and we have a few days of lovely, sunny weather to enjoy. We have gathered together some of our favourite games and activities for the Easter weekend. So come rain or shine, the sound of children’s laughter will be sure to be heard.

Jigsaw Hunt
To add an extra element of excitement to the traditional Easter egg hunt, print out a photo and glue it on to card. Using a craft knife, cut the cardboard into puzzle shapes. Attach each shape to an Easter egg (or inside plastic egg containers) and hide them in the garden or around the house. Once all the eggs have been found it is time to piece together the puzzle!

Shaving Cream Easter Eggs
You will need:
A tray
Shaving cream
Cardstock or construction paper
Acrylic paints
A toothpick, paintbrush, or spoon (something to swirl the paint)

Squirt enough shaving cream on the tray to cover the surface.

Spread it around to make the surface relatively even, it won’t be smooth. Once you have your shaving cream on the tray, squirt some acrylic paint onto it. Then using a toothpick, paintbrush, spoon, or something similar, zigzag gently though the paint to give it a marbled effect. Cut egg shapes out of heavy paper or card. Press your paper into the paint/shaving cream and let it sit for a few seconds. Remove the paper by lifting it straight up.  Let the paint/shaving cream sit on the paper for a couple of minutes before squeegeeing it off the paper.

Thank you to for this great idea.

Egg Box Easter Egg Hunt
You will need mini eggs with different coloured foil coverings. Provide each child with a cardboard eggbox which has been colour coded by painting the bottom of the inside tray.  Then send the children outside to find their own personal colour eggs hidden around the garden. This is ideal for children of different ages/abilities as the younger children often miss out in traditional Easter eggs hunts.

Pass The Egg
This game is fun for adults too. Make sure that all players are standing in a circle, rather than in a line – that way everyone can see and enjoy the silliness! The first person puts a hard boiled egg under their chin and has to pass it to the next person without using their hands. And without dropping it!

Pin The Tail On The Rabbit
This is a game of chase that is best played outside with children of the same age. So each child is given a bag of miniature pom poms with double sided sticky tape on each one. The aim of this game is to pin as many tails on other people whilst keeping your own tails to a minimum. Rules will need to explained first so you don’t end up with tails in the eyes!

Melted Crayon Eggs

Boil eggs in their shells for 6 -8 minutes. Place the egg in a saucer or jar lid and use crayons to draw abstract patterns. The wax crayons will melt as they touch the hot surface of the egg and will spread to make marbellised patterns. With the egg in a sauce or jar lid, it becomes easier to turn it to colour the whole egg. Once the eggs have cooled they will look like magnificent jewels.


Remember – Easter is not just about the kids, why not also treat yourselves to one of our delicious hampers. We have something for everyone to help you relax and enjoy the long weekend. Check out our specialised Easter Hampers.

We hope you have a happy and safe Easter. Finally, please ensure that you take the necessary precautions when handling hot or sharp materials.

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