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Recently I was watching some hot air balloons drifting over the Melbourne skyline at dawn. The usual traffic noise was hushed by a light, hazy mist and the only sounds were the bursts of gas into the balloon canopies.

On first glance, the balloons seemed to be at the mercy of the wind. But, after a few minutes, the balloons were spread out across the sky. So, there must have been other forces at work to account for the difference.

It was easy to see how the pilot was controlling the height…… more gas, balloon goes up. Less gas, balloon goes down. But how did they control the direction? After a while I could see that the pilot altered the altitude and used the natural differences in wind direction at differing altitudes.

Although it appeared that the balloons were going where the wind took them, they were in fact using natural forces to ensure a smooth and gentle journey. If they had remained at the same altitude, the balloon would have been carried along without any sense of direction. Too high and the wind would have taken hold of the balloon and buffeted it to destruction. Too low and impact with the ground would have become inevitable.

As I watched the balloons drifting over the Melbourne skyline I found myself reflecting on the similarities between that and our travels through life.

Although it often seems we are at the mercy of external forces and that life ‘happens’ to us. We consider that we are carried along by forces out of our control. But that is not the case. There are of course, many events, situations and people that we have no control over. But we are in control of our emotions, thoughts and behaviours. This realisation is empowering and liberating. If we work with what we have, rather than struggling and fighting against it, our lives will be smoother and more enjoyable. We will use up less energy and will be better placed to contend with stormy weather when it comes our way.

Slowing down, looking around us to take in the glorious view and simply being is a precious gift to offer ourselves.

Hot air balloons don’t argue with external forces.

Hot air balloons have got it right.

Be more like a hot air balloon.


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