Have you ever wondered about the process of photographing the mouth-watering food and drinks you see as you are surfing the web? Probably not!

At Ripple Effect Gifts, this is something we spend a great deal of time and effort getting right.

Research consistently shows that it takes approximately two tenths of a second for someone to form a first impression of a website – less time than a blink of an eye. More than half of web users spend less than 20 seconds on a website. There are many marketing and software companies that offer expensive services to encourage, guide and sometimes even trick users to view websites.

Here at Ripple Effect Gifts we do not subscribe to quirky marketing, we rely on our customers loving our products and customer service and are grateful for your repeat business.

We know that you expect our products to match the descriptions and photos you see online.

So, we take great pride in preparing our photoshoots to ensure that what you get is what you see!

Our latest photoshoot was for our Valentine’s Day hampers and what a shoot it was. We sourced the freshest, premium quality roses and luxury packaging. We were hoping the weather would be kind to us and for the temperature to remain below 40C! Which it did.

We set up with several cameras, lighting and enthusiastic personnel.

And then…..

Disaster struck!

Our primary camera developed a fault which wasn’t evident until the post-processing stage. There is a saying in the food photography world to ‘honour the accident.’ So, if something doesn’t go to plan, look to see if the unexpected photo has a beauty of its own.  With bated breath, we looked. And we looked. And we looked. But the beauty was nowhere to be found.

A few anxious hours were spent whilst we sorted through the photos. Eventually we discovered that the fault was intermittent and our photoshoot was indeed a success.

At Ripple Effect Gifts, we believe that men deserve to be pampered too. So we have hampers for that special man in your life. Have a look through our Valentine’s hampers and discover for yourself the excellent products (and photos) which are available for you to purchase for your loved one.


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