We wish to acknowledge the Wathaurong people as Traditional Owners of this land. We would also like to pay our respects to their Elders, past and present and future.

At Ripple Effect Gifts, we are dedicated to walking lightly on this beautiful earth of ours and to minimise the demand we make on the natural resources.  We were horrified recently to see this report on the BBC news website.

Plastic Ocean

copyright BBC


We are only too aware that in Australia there are many industries which consume more than the earth can provide. Our belief is that we are simply the caretakers of the land for future generations. We at Ripple Effect Gifts choose to live in harmony with nature and all living creatures. We source our products ethically and support local, small businesses.

Our philosophy is that we can all make a difference, no matter how small we believe that action to be.

One of our favourite poems is by the super talented R. e. Taylor

Ripples In A Pond

A small stone
Tossed by a child in a still pond
The water splashes
Ripples move outward touching the shore
The rock falls to the bottom
It joins a million others just like it
The water smoothes to what it was
Did the child change the pond?
Did the stone make any difference?
Is everything just as it was before?
Even the smallest thing can make a change
That pond will never be exactly the same
Even if they cannot be seen there are changes
The water is a little bit deeper
There is a new piece of stone to join the others
Even the fish have less area to swim
Absolutely nothing is the same
If a single stone can change an entire ecosystem
What do you think a single idea could do
Once it makes its own ripples

Our Business & Personal Philosophy:

Recycle: We make it a game in our business and family to see can produce the least amount of rubbish. It’s surprisingly fun. And competitive!

Lead by example: We share our ideas with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues and the community. We express our love and respect for the earth and act on that respect.

Local Produce: We believe that by supporting local businesses we are not only putting money back into the local economy, we are also using fewer resources.  We take serious pride in knowing the provenance of all of our products.

Travel: As a business, use the most ecologically sound delivery systems possible. And as individuals we leave the car at home whenever possible. I’d love to report that we literally get on our bikes, but the Bellarine is very hilly. What can I say?! My son rides his bike to school, so I let him tick that particular box for the family!

Water: We are mindful about the water we use. Taps are never left running, we use grey water on our lawns and (much to the disgust of my children), showers are short!

No more disposables: Plastic bags, straws, coffee cups etc are not necessary, there are other, more environmentally friendly options. A plastic bag can take 1000 years to degrade.

What do you do to show your love for our planet? For further ideas, see the infographic below.

We wish you a happy and sunny day.


earth infogrpahic

Infographic from the Natural Society

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