Husband: How much longer are we going to waste on choosing a stupid present?

Wife: It’s not the present that’s stupid. It’s you.

Husband: Nice. Real nice.

Wife: I‘m sick of you not being interested in my family.

Husband: Why can’t we just choose something that looks expensive and leave? You know I hate shopping. And your mother (muttered quietly).

Wife: It’s important to me to choose something she will like.

It looked like the conversation was set to escalate and carry on for some time, but I had run out of excuses to hang around. If I stayed much longer, my eavesdropping would have become obvious. Of course the sensible thing would have been to move away. But you don’t become the number 1 build your own hamper business on the Bellarine without taking risks.

So I whipped out a business card and approached Mr I-Hate-Shopping-And-Your Family and Mrs The-Joy-Is-In-The-Giving. 

I confidently said “Our hampers are the answer to both your difficulties. Shop quickly and easily from home whilst still keeping that personal touch. We can solve your shopping dilemmas with our user friendly online hamper pages and our wide range of products that are sure to suit every age and occasion.”

Both their faces lit up with joy and Mrs The-Joy-Is-In-The-Giving had tears in her eyes as she hugged me tight and thanked me for saving her marriage.

Ok, that last bit isn’t true, but we did have an enjoyable conversation about the joys or otherwise of shopping. And they didn’t throw my business card away. At least not while I could still see them.

What was and is the truth, is that online shopping is quick and easy. But it is often impersonal. And that’s where Ripple Effect Gifts can help you with our wide range of products for you to choose from.

If the idea of such a wide range of products creates some panic and the thought of ‘where do I start?’ Fear not, our hamper builder page has an easy to navigate menu

By tailoring your choices to the recipient’s tastes you can be sure that they will enjoy all the contents and nothing will be wasted. We all know that box of chocolates with the one chocolate that no one likes. And it remains in the box until that late night snack attack and there is nothing else in the cupboard! By personally choosing the products the recipient’s only problem will be what to try first.

We can supply products to meet any occasion, from luxury goods to the more practical, everyday items like teas, coffees, jams and peanut butters.


In our 20 plus years of experience in retail, we have found that the majority of hampers are bought for a special occasion. Such as a wedding, birthday or retirement gift. And that gives you a great place to start from.

However, in recent times the trend has become the giving of hampers as an ‘I love you’ gift, or ‘thank you for being my friend.’ And our favourite one? ‘Just because.’ That one made our hearts smile.

So if you are wanting to buy a hamper ‘just because’;  start by reflecting on the interests and lifestyle of the recipient.

We have enjoyed making up hampers for chocolate fiends, wine connoisseurs and the mum who treats herself to a spa day at home each month.

Or how about a movie night theme with our rocky road popcorn and a beer or two?Rocky roadAle



With free nationwide shipping and same day delivery within Geelong the surrounding areas, you can be assured that you get more bang for your buck!

Whatever your budget, with over 40 items under $10 you will be spoilt for choice and value.

At Ripple Effect Gifts we pride ourselves on buying locally so we can give back to our community. And we know that homemade foods taste way better than shop bought items. We reckon you can almost taste the beautiful, fresh air of the Bellarine Peninsula in our hampers.

Our team at Ripple Effect Gifts has an eye for design, colour and packaging, so whatever you choose will be a delight for the eyes.

We use wood wool to accent our hampers and to protect the hamper items and to reduce waste and the use of plastic. Click here for a closer look at our range of crates, bags and tubs.

As well as the opportunity to build your own hamper, we also offer hampers for special occasions and corporate clients. At Ripple Effect Gifts HQ we are currently designing our Christmas hampers, so watch this space.……….!

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