The idea that the giving of a gift can create a ripple of love, kindness and generosity.

One of our must-dos at Ripple Effect Gifts is to read, learn, research and grow. We believe that personal growth is vital to keep our minds and bodies healthy and happy. We love to read success stories, especially of women running businesses. There is so much information readily available to us at the click of a keyboard but , as we all know, not all of what is on the internet is affirming and accurate.
So you can imagine our reaction at Ripple Effect HQ recently when one of our team spoke of an article about why women need other women. The main reason according to this article was to go shopping! Our dismay over this article might seem ironic as we are an online shop. But hear us out before the sound of your hollow laughter rings in our ears!

When we were establishing Ripple Effect Gifts, one of our founding goals was to support women in small business, particularly in our local area.  We knew that our suppliers would of course be an essential ingredient in our business. So our brief was simple, yet not easy. We wanted local products, ethically produced with no chemical additives. Preferably handmade and produced in small batches by family owned businesses.

Our dream was to put the Ripple Effect into action. Supporting ourselves and other women in business – basically, paying it forward.

We spent many, many months researching, investigating and talking with potential suppliers. Our hopes were dashed on many occasions as we discovered that some local products were not actually sourced locally, or that they contained genetically modified materials. We refused to compromise, and such was our passion for Ripple Effect Gifts, that we never gave up until we found what we were looking for.

As you can imagine, we are justifiably proud of the products we stock as they are the result of so much research and development. We meet with our suppliers regularly to ensure we are stocking the best of what they have to offer. And to be honest, it is not difficult, because their products are all of the highest quality.

We have a mother of five running her own business, where she finds the time we do not know! We also support family run businesses, single mums and husband and wife teams. We have two sisters who are in business together. They live 500 kilometers apart, but are emotionally and creatively as one. Each and every one of our suppliers have a story, a dream, ambitions and goals. And we are delighted to be part of those stories, dreams, ambitions and goals.

So yes, shopping is our business. But our hearts are involved as well. We have always passionately supported women in business and we always will.





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