We were recently unpacking a gorgeous new consignment of massage oils from Be Centred  when the Strange Story of a Balinese Massage came to mind……..

So this actually happened to a friend of mine.

We will call her Lily. Because that’s her name.

Lily was in Bali about 3 years ago and decided that she would treat herself to a full body massage. The hotel she was staying in offered in-room massages for a very reasonable price. So Lily booked a luxury one hour massage for the next evening.

Nengah, the masseuse, arrived promptly – a charming older lady carrying a shopping bag. The lack of a portable bed confused Lily somewhat, but she was happy to go with the flow!

The language barrier was overcome with lots of smiling and gesticulation. With the understanding that the massage would be offered on the bed.

Lily laid face down, giving a sigh of contentment in anticipation of the relaxing massage. Nengah busied herself unpacking her shopping bag and setting up various bottles and other paraphernalia on the bedside table.

Lily heard drawers being opened and when she turned her head, she saw Nengah with the tv remote in her hand. Nengah gently pressed her hand against Lily’s head to encourage her to resume her relaxed position.

Lily’s eyebrows and blood pressure both raised when she felt Nengah climb on to the bed and settle herself down on Lily’s buttocks.

And then the tv screen flickered and Lily found herself watching an Indonesian version of Millionaire Hot Seat. This was clearly Nengah’s favourite tv show as she excitedly shouted the answers at the tv and incorrect answers from contestants were greeted with surprisingly loud howls of derision..

Lily could feel herself starting to giggle. So much so that her body began to twitch and shake.

“No laugh. Relax” admonished Nengah.

After one of the most amusing hours of Lily’s life, the massage was complete. Nengah made her way to the bathroom and came back to the bedroom with a handful of toilet paper. This she used to wipe the excess oil off Lily’s back.

Nengah began packing her shopping bag as Lily grabbed a towel and got off the bed to get her purse. Nengah was clearly feeling relaxed and happy, chatting to Lily with a big smile on her face. Lily found herself nodding and smiling in response.

As Nengah opened the door, she looked back at Lily and in a questioning tone said ‘lagi besok?’  Lily’s nodding and smiling seemed not to be sufficient as once again Nengah asked ‘lagi besok?’  Unsure what else to say, Lily nodded, smiled and said ‘ok.’  

This appeared to satisfy Nengah as she bowed gracefully, smiled at Lily and left the hotel room.

Lily reached for her phone and checked her translation app:

Lagi besok? = Again tomorrow?

Face palm.

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